Turini offers a respite from the cold angular lines and technical nature of usual public seatings. Turini’s beauty is not just skin deep, its simple elegant design combines form and function. The deep scoop shape characterises Turini’s unique design, while providing a comfortable fit to body shape.

A polished aluminum rim around an elliptical opening lends a premium detail, while providing robust strength for heavy public use.
COMFORT. The deep curved shell fits comfortably to our body shape but also makes it impossible for users to sleep lying on it, detering vagrants. Usually, this would require added armrests.

LOW MAINTENANCE. The elliptical opening is a distinguishing feature of Turini, and functions to prevent trapping of dirt and debris thereby assisting cleaning.

SOIL PROOF. An optional plastic shell offers resistance to unavoidable spills of water, coffee or other liquids. Wipes dry instantly and does not stain permanently. Definitely much easier to maintain than fabric upholstery.



2 base options give Turini very different personalities. A beam base for linked seating is most suited for high density and high-traffic waiting areas.
A Trumpet base with auto-return column makes a design statement in more private, 1st class lounges.

2 types of seating surfaces are available to further customise Turini.
Upholstered padding in Fabric, Leather, or Vinyl.
Coloured plastic shell in various colours for resistance to soiling and staining.
Seat and Back shells are separate, to allowing mixing and matching different seat and back material and colours.